Cornbread Casserole

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Savory, comforting, one dish wonder… — that’s how I would describe Stephanie’s Cornbread Casserole. Though we all have our own idea of how a casserole should or shouldn’t be, we can all agree on one thing: casseroles are as American as apple pie. Some might say they’re not as tasty, but Stephanie’s recipe will definitely change their mind.

Casseroles aren’t complete without cheese, so Stephanie added a cup of cheddar cheese to the filling in hers. But instead of taking center stage, the cheese complements the rest of the dish. Plenty of eggs, sausage, cumin, bell pepper and onion make the casserole a hearty one. Reminiscent of a pot pie, instead of having noodles, Stephanie’s Cornbread Casserole has a savory cornbread crust. I can even see this served for breakfast instead of a quiche.

So we’ve got a mouthwatering cornbread crust with a kick, made with buttermilk, corn and green chilies. Beneath that you’ll find plenty of flavorful ingredients that bring to mind the southwest. If this recipe looks like a winner, it’s because it is! Stephanie explains on her blog, Lick My Spoon, that she adapted this winning recipe and added her own delicious twist to it.

Cornbread Casserole

Adapted from Earl Brandy, Jr.’s Sausage Pepper Cheese Quiche …

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