Holiday cooking easier with Pressure Cooker

The holiday season is officially upon us! And it will be here to stay for a solid seven weeks, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. That means the onslaught of family feasts, Friendsgivings, parties, potlucks, and all manner of get-togethers has begun, and there’s a lot of cooking to do. We want to make the holidays easier for you with two words: pressure cooker.


We wanted to demonstrate the pressure cooker’s advantages with a recipe that pops up throughout the holidays, both in Thanksgiving spreads and on Christmas dinner tables: sweet potatoes. While making sweet potatoes the traditional way (not from a can) isn’t particularly inconvenient or difficult, it does require cooking sweet potatoes on the stove, and then baking them for about 30 minutes. And when you’re cooking a million things, there’s people in your house, stove and oven space become prime real estate, and not heating your house with the oven any more than is necessary is better for everyone.


We used a T-Fal EZ Clean digital pressure cooker. We like it for its safety features (don’t skimp there when choosing a pressure cooker—these things pack a lot of force under their lids!), and for its intuitive digital controls. Once we peeled and diced the sweet potatoes, we added them to the pressure cooker, and covered them with water, sugar, white and brown sugar, butter, maple syrup, and a bit of cornstarch.


We programmed them, and they were done cooking in…wait for it…four minutes. After releasing the pressure and opening the lid, they were cooked perfectly; not turned to mush, but tender enough to mash with a fork. And because, for us, sweet potatoes aren’t sweet potatoes with out marshmallows, while they were cooking we preheated the broiler.


After mashing the sweet potatoes in a casserole dish, we stirred in some pecans, topped with marshmallows, and popped them under the broiler for about three minutes. When they came out, they were golden brown and delicious. And the whole thing took about 20 minutes from peeling sweet potatoes to attacking Candied Sweet Potatoes with spoons.

While every pressure cooker is different and cooking times may vary slightly, the overall time and oven space saved made the pressure cooker absolutely worth it. We hope using one will help you save a few headaches this holiday season. Happy holidays, and happy cooking!

Pressure Cooker Candied Sweet Potatoes with Pecans

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