Budget-Friendly Healthy Veggie Stew


Cheap and Easy Vegan Stew

It’s January, the time to eat healthy and get on a budget. While some people think the two can’t happen at the same time I’m here to prove them wrong.

Bargain Vegan Veggie Stew

I found the veggies that inspired this stew in the bargain veggie bin at my local grocery store. It contained an organic yellow bell pepper, a green bell pepper, a small yellow squash, a small zucchini and 2 turnips.  They package the bargain veggies in assorted packs sometimes even combining fruit and veggies. But the best part is each red mesh bag is 99 cents!

They may not be perfect, but if you cook them within a day or two of buying they can be the savior of your weekly food budget. A little imagination and an adventurous spirit is all you need to turn some sale veggies into  an amazing meal. A soup or stew is the easiest place to start.

Veggie from the bargain bin

In addition to my bargain veggies I added half a chopped onion, half a carton of vegan chicken-style broth that I had gotten for 79 cents 2 weeks ago and  1/4 cup organic pumpkin puree from a can I paid 49 cents for. These leftovers were just languishing in the back of my fridge waiting to be made into something.

Often after Thanksgiving or Christmas the stores will put canned pumpkin on sale and that’s when I found the 49 cent cans of organic pumpkin. I bought 10 cans and the expiration date is 2 years from now. The store also had a section of vegan broth on clearance  for 79 cents too. It was a big score all the way around.

Seasonal sales are great but the bargain veggie and fruit bin is there all year round so make sure to find out where yours is and check it each time you go in. You can freeze ripe bananas, lime or lemon juice  and even make applesauce with discount apples.

Bargain Veggie Stew

From my pantry I grabbed a little olive oil, a few cloves of garlic, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of chickpeas beans and a few herbs and spices to complete my veggie stew. Making a stew like this on a cold night makes you happy to have a few things stashed away in the pantry.


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