A Picnic with Smokey Foods


Dinner Spread

Many times dinner plans to me just seem so tedious. After a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is stand over a stove and prepare foods for an hour and then clean up afterwards. My favorite thing in the world are easy finger sandwiches and snacks (plus a good bottle of wine) because not only is easy on a hot day but tastes delicious!

This week for my dad/daughter date we decided to have a picnic. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t wanting to play along but that didn’t stop us for having a great time! 

We have been giving you smokey foods all week long and this indoor picnic covered some great smokey foods as well. Our picnic included great items such as cubed smokey gouda, smoked salami (ours without the usual peppers), and lovely little smoked salmon sandwiches that my dad made.

Now, I have to confess, I am obsessed with smoked salmon. I could eat it by itself all day long as snacks, but these sandwiches were great. The sandwiches were made on baguette, with a little cream cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes on top of the smoked salmon! Talk about yummy!


The other sandwiches we had was a crab sandwich with a little mayo and onion on baguette. Yum! Of course, no great picnic platter is the same without handfuls of fruit. I just love how these plates look.

The food doesn’t have to be super fancy for a picnic. Just pick your favorite go to snacks! Try adding some smokey flavors to your next picnic. Super delicious and super easy!

I am Emilie, I have always been lover of food and travel, but just starting out when it comes to being a foodie (and the creation of food).  I have always been fascinated by food, food creativity, and the origins of each ingredient. However, usually I defeated myself with my lack of knife skills or some other excuse not to just try. 

This is my journey on what can be seen as trials and tribulations of food exploration and other fun key ingredient adventures.  I will explore healthier ways to eat all the while pushing out of my comfort zone when it comes to ingredients and new tricks. These recipes and tricks will not only help you become a healthier person this year, but hopefully also help you impress your loved ones. 

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