Summer Figs Baked in Lambrusco


baked figsLambrusco. It’s probably been a while since somebody said that word to you. Provided you’re even old enough to know what I’m talking about.

Lambrusco is an Italian wine that gained some notoriety in the 1970s and 1980s as a sickly sweet, boozed up soda pop for adults with questionable palates. But like everything from the 19070s (and 1980s) it’s ready for its comeback. Because it needn’t be cloying. Today many makers of Lambrusco are going back to this grapes’ roots and sending delicious, easy to drink bottles to market. Which is terrific, because when made well this fizzy red wine from northern Italy has a lot going for it. It’s bright, food-friendly, low in alcohol, and delightfully simple.

The Italians enjoy sparkling wine arguably, more than any country in the world. Some are as well-known as Prosecco. While others, such as Gragnano, are considered oddities in this country. However all of these wines are really approachable and fun to drink. Most come at a very easy to swallow price point too. Meaning many of the styles are simple and unpretentious– just the kind of wine you don’t mind dumping by the glassful into a baking dish. GREG


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