“Red Wine” & “Blue Cheese” Burger


You know me. I tend to be wordy.

I tend to go on and on telling you why I like something. Or what it means to me. Maybe I’ll feel the need to thoroughly explain every little detail in making a particular dish.

I can’t help it. It is just the way I am.

But today may be a bit different.

My brother Grant (Sip!) sent me one of his burger recipes to include in my tribute the great American burger I was working on over at my blog, Sippity Sup.

He came up with a very cleverly named “Red Wine & “Blue Cheese” Burger. Which at first kinda irritated me. I mean I like to be the brother who is clever with words. The reason it turns out this name is so clever is because it is a burger that really does pair up wine and cheese as ingredients. Red wine and blue cheese. One in a “jam” topping. The other “infused” in the meat.

He has taken his cleverness a step further and done another excellent wine pairing for this burger.

So I thought, “he went to so much trouble. The least I can do is make the damn burger”.

So, I did. I think you’ll see why I have chosen to shut up and eat! GREG


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