An Easily Organized House? Really!

My pantry

Don't judge me!

Have you ever searched in your pantry for that specific salsa that you remember you bought but it’s so far buried in pantry clutter there is no way you find it? This has happened to me a million times and I have finally gotten fed up. I wouldn’t say that i’m a super organizational freak but at some point the millions of boxes of pasta start to become overwhelming. I decided that enough was enough! I wanted to find the easiest and cheapest way to organize your pantry (maybe even closet) without spending a ton or spending 6 hours doing so.

I took to Pinterest which came up with thousands of perfectly organized pantries and even refrigerators…yes that’s right….some people organize their fridges (this is too much for me)! After continuously searching I found the top tips for organizing your pantry:

1. Buy plastic bins- DOLLAR TREE! Is all I have to say about this! They have plenty of different sized bins that are perfect for compiling your different sauces, beans, and even pastas. They also have those cute little glass containers! I looked elsewhere and saw some organizational bins costing as much as $20 for one (which is crazy!).

2. Throw out what you don’t need- Is there a reason why I had held on to 1 million plastic bags? Maybe for a rainy day? I chose to recycle all these plastic bags because I know (if i’m going to be honest with myself) that I will never use these plastic bags just continue hoarding them. I also have a hoarding tendency with my tupperware so I went through all of them and found each top and bottom that matched and threw out the rest.

3. Labels- I bought some cheap labels from Target ($4.49) and printed out from a free label kit! I just googled “Free labels” and many cute options came up! I chose the BHG version, but there are a million to choose from.

4. Organize based on need- I know I use my olive oil basically everyday therefore I put it right in front where I could easily grab and replace it.

There are many simple tricks that you can find online but just make sure it’s tailored to your needs and not the needs of the person writing it.

Finally, Voila! My before and after says it all…what a mess before was…almost embarrassing…but now it’s very neat and organized.

I am Emilie, I have always been lover of food and travel, but just starting out when it comes to being a foodie (and the creation of food).  I have always been fascinated by food, food creativity, and the origins of each ingredient. However, usually I defeated myself with my lack of knife skills or some other excuse not to just try.

This is my journey on what can be seen as trials and tribulations of food exploration and other fun key ingredient adventures.  I will explore healthier ways to eat all the while pushing out of my comfort zone when it comes to ingredients and new tricks. These recipes and tricks will not only help you become a healthier person this year, but hopefully also help you impress your loved ones. 

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