Pull Up an Umbrella, Sweet Drinks are Fine


CocktailsSweet drinks aren’t necessarily my thing. I gave up sugared soft drinks about 12 years ago and haven’t missed them one bit.

Sweet cocktails are a type of sweet drink. But they aren’t necessarily my thing either. Though there are plenty of wonderful examples. The best of them fall into a category I would call: Sweet, Rich and Creamy.

On there own sweet cocktails can be a bit cloying. Have you ever had a Margarita made with Rose’s Lime instead of the classic sweet and sour mix? Yikes is all I can say.

But I do have a sweet spot for sweet drinks when they’re layered with something rich. There are plenty of classic cocktails I would put in this Sweet, Rich and Creamy category. They’re often warming to the soul, with velvety textures– best be described as indulgent.

They tend to be beautiful to look at too. Their colors alone could fill the entire spectrum. The colors often come from the addition of sweet liqueurs like Midori, Chambord, and Chartreuse, but it’s the rich cream or frothy egg that make these sweet cocktail sing. GREG

Classic sweet drinks include:

Egg Nog- brandy, milk & egg

Fuzzy Navel- peach schnapps & orange juice

Pina Colada- rum, coconut & pineapple

Brandy Alexander- brandy, creme de cocao & cream

Grasshopper- creme de menthe, creme de cocao & cream

Mud Slide- vodka, kahlua & toffee cream

Alcazar- whiskey, benedictine & cream

Irish Coffee- sugar, whiskey, coffee & cream

But the great thing about the cocktail world is it’s always growing and changing. Meaning there are all sorts of “newfangled” sweet drinks out there. Many of them can be found right here on Key Ingredient. So I searched the site and picked out a few of my favorites. Including one written by me!





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