Memorial Day- A Chance to Give Back


Memorial Day Palm SpringsIt’s Memorial Day Weekend. That can only mean one thing. I am having a Three-Way. But before you throw your arms up in the air and call Jerry Falwell on me. Let me explain exactly what the Three-Way is and why I am so happy to participate in it year after year.

The Three-Way is a group of parties in Palm Springs. It started about 10 years ago with a small group of friends who own weekend places in the desert. This group liked to get together on the last weekend in May and have a casual party. Most of the people in this group close up their houses during the hot summer months. Meaning they would not see each other until the following winter.

Eventually this morphed into a bigger, more organized event. The homeowners acted as hosts to their friends. They’d invite as many people as they could squeeze into their houses to spend the weekend. The house guests would all become a team and were expected to throw a party for the other teams staying in the other two houses. The weekend included cocktail parties, pool parties and dinner parties– even a competitive paddle tennis tournament and water volleyball match up. Which explains the top right photo. It looks like that volleyball is heading straight for me. Hence the look of terror on my face. You don’t know competition until you are in the pool with a group of successful, attractive (well-built) gay men, each determined to be more fabulous than the next. Ahh, good times!

One Laptop Per ChildSomewhere along the line we decided to make these parties not just a way to celebrate friendship, but a way to give back for all the happiness and prosperity that the hard work, luck and blessings that we can never really understand, have brought to our lives. So the Three-Way became a charity event. Each year one of the host teams chooses a charity. When it was our turn to pick the charity, we chose One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). The money we raise will go directly towards purchasing very special laptops for children living in developing countries. I encourage you to go to the OLPC website and learn more, or watch this video showing how one person’s gift empowered this one child named Zimi. If it doesn’t convince you of the power of this program, nothing will.

As we get older the hullabaloo attached to this annual event has died back a bit. But the friendship is still there. Which means I am rather busy this weekend.  I have beer to drink and volleyballs to duck. See ya next week. GREG

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