Celebrating Memorial Day with Sangria


Photo Courtesy of atmtx photography

Can you believe it’s already almost June?! Where has this year gone so far! I am looking forward to having this lovely long weekend coming up and can’t wait to just relax. Of course, I want to add that there is a real reason for celebrating Memorial Day and that of course is to honor the BRAVE men and women who gave their lives for this country. I always feel strange sitting around and enjoying the sun while we’re supposed to be remembering. I will, however, do my best to remember people like my grandfather on this special day (even though he was Danish/English military I still think it counts).  

Memorial Day is the best time to spend with family and there is always a lot of grilling, chips, salads etc. I have been thinking of what the best drink would be to go along with this feast and I couldn’t think of anything better than Sangria! I adore sangria because it’s light, fresh and has a great fruit taste. Even though Sangria is a Spanish drink I still think it fits just perfectly.

Traditionally Sangria is a mixture of fruits, medium to light wine (red or white), and a spirit to keep it from being way to sweet. I always like to use Brandy and Cognac with red wine and tripe sec or a liquor with white. I usually like to muddle some of the fruit to make sure I can release all the flavors.

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