Danish Rolls!

Te Boller

One of my favorite things when I was a little girl was te boller, a form of Danish roll that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a sweet snack. I use to go to my grandmother’s house and she would always have some ready just for my brother and I! Now, I always look at Danish recipes online reminiscing about the remoulade, the licorice, and all my favorite delectables, but I usually wouldn’t even think of making them. When I stumbled across this recipe I just knew I had to share!This recipe isn’t necessarily horrific for you, but I definitely enjoy it as just a treat. The worst thing in this recipe is the 1/4 cup of butter but you could also use “I can’t believe it’s not butter”, margarine, or even yogurt (though they will have a slight tang….but I like it)! I wanted to use chocolate chips (super dark) because my wonderful boyfriend has the worst sweet tooth of ALL TIME. He could eat candy, chocolate, ice cream, cookies every single day of our life….which is just insane! I thought this was a nice replacement for his usual treats because they don’t have nearly as many calories but still have a sweet twist.


In Denmark, people usually use raisins or eat them plain without any ingredients, but I really think you can be creative. I know I have seen orange hints, jam added, and even nuts!

The main thing to remember with this recipe is there is a lot of yeast (you want them to be very fluffy) and you must knead, knead, and knead some more.  You have to make sure and let them rise. I usually just set a timer and walk away…because if not….then I will check on them every 10 seconds! These rolls are super great for a party, for dinner, or to replace a sweet treat! I love them and I know you will too!

I am Emilie, I have always been lover of food and travel, but just starting out when it comes to being a foodie (and the creation of food). I have always been fascinated by food, food creativity, and the origins of each ingredient. However, usually I defeated myself with my lack of knife skills or some other excuse not to just try.

This is my journey on what can be seen as trials and tribulations of food exploration and other fun key ingredient adventures. I will explore healthier ways to eat all the while pushing out of my comfort zone when it comes to ingredients and new tricks. These recipes and tricks will not only help you become a healthier person this year, but hopefully also help you impress your loved ones.

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