A Wee Bit of Irish Pubs


Kiss MeWhat are you going to do for St. Patricks’s Day, dye your hair green and foolishly run around screaming ‘kiss me I’m Irish’?

That sounds fun. But I know for a fact that’s what you did last year. Come on, get creative. Time is running short. What are you going to do?

If you’re in New York City, you could gather round and watch the Empire State Building turn green. In Chicago they dye the river green. Where ever you live you could chase a leprechaun to the end of the rainbow and see if there’s any of that so-called gold left to go around.  Lot’s of cities have parades. Parades are good places to scream ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ at total strangers. If you are particularly conscientious and a good punster to boot you could GO green. You know, switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, buy a hybrid car or finally remember to bring your own shopping bag to the grocery store.

Yeah you could do all that. And if you do, I wish you all the luck of the Irish. Me? I’m going to seek out a good Irish pub and order a pint or three of Guinness.

Here are few I’ve been too:

O'Briens PubO’Brien’s Irish Pub & Restaurant – Santa Monica, CA

This one is in my neck of the woods. I’ve made the mistake of getting in line one St. Patrick’s Day not to long ago. Good thing there’s a window because that’s as close as I ever got to getting inside. The rest of the year it’s a bit more accessible and plenty Irish anyway.

BD Riley’s - Austin, TX

This place was named for Bessie Dee (B.D.) Riley was born in Hempstead, Texas in 1896. Her family were Irish immigrants looking for a better life. It’s the American dream. Texas style.

Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub – Savannah, GA

This is a drinking establishment. Sure they sell food, it’s a pub after all. But don’t come hungry. Unless your hungry for song. The place has been known to burst into it.

The Buena Vista – San Francisco, CA

I don’t know if this typically counts as an “Irish Pub”. But they serve an iconic Irish Coffee so I think they deserve a spot on my list.

Paddy Reilly’s – New York, NY

The first and only all Guinness tap bar in the entire world. You know New York loves all things Irish, so this place has nothing but Guinness. Oh yeah, and traditional Irish Celtic (rock) bands.

Molly Malone’s – Okay. I admit it. I’m partial to Los Angeles.

Now a few that are on my list to go to someday:

Cheif O'Neill'sChief O’Neill’s Pub – Chicago, IL

This  place was named after an Irish born American police officer. That enough cred for me.

Kelly’s Irish Times – Washington, D.C.

Loads of charm and bigger loads of Irish brew. The food may be American but everything else is Kelly Green.

Black Rose – Boston, MA

Naturally there’s a Boston bar on the list. It takes guts for me to call out just one. But my research tells me that even if you aren’t Irish the food, drink and music at this two story bar will make you feel like you are.

Casey’s Irish Pub – Los Angeles, CA

This one is also in Los Angeles. Where I live. But I’ve never been. Maybe I’ll go on Sunday. Think they’ll save a stool for me at the bar? GREG

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