Everyday Dinners Could Be Romantic?


If you’ve been following our Valentine’s theme this week you will see a common thread among all the posts. Why should Valentine’s Day be the one day that we show love towards each other? If meals are easy enough then every day (or maybe one day a week if that’s a little much) could be a special romantic day. There are of course some recipes that show love because of how long and difficult they are, but who really has time for that? Not me. Between work, home, family, and friends we all live very hectic lives.

It seems like there has been a transition from people spending hundreds of dollars at some fancy restaurant to showing love through a homemade meal, and honestly wearing pajamas during a meal sounds A LOT nicer to me. I find the idea of being at home with the ones you love much more romantic than sitting at an expensive French restaurant trying to not feel like an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for getting spiffed up and having a night on the town, but when it’s forced on us it almost becomes a chore.

For that reason, I told my boyfriend this year that let’s instead do Valentine’s Day at home with good food, great wine, and cheesy movies. He seemed excited about the prospect except for of course the cheesy movies…unfortunately I’m a sucker for the Twilight series (don’t hate me).

Having been with my boyfriend for eight years have put a lot of different Valentine’s days under our belt, which includes a year that involved a single plastic rose (not the best) and him cooking for me (swoon). However, it’s funny that it has always been we each do things separately and then surprise each other. This year we have decided that we should plan, create, and cook together and to both of us it honestly sounded way less stressful.

After scouring Key Ingredient, we settled on two great recipes with a great salad on the side. The first is a creamy Gorgonzola & Bacon Stuffed Chicken breast which could basically be a meal on it’s own. Bacon also is the way to the man’s heart so this recipe is perfect! The other is a healthier version of macaroni and cheese! We are HUGE fans of macaroni and cheese, especially his nanny’s, but the cream is a little more than once a year. Our go to salad is one we found that was created by the great Ina Garten. It has the tartness of lemons with a great light dressing that goes great with decadent foods. We aren’t the biggest sweet people so this meal was the perfect amount of romance and deliciousness.

Valentine’s day should be a day that is celebrated and FUN not feared. Personally, I think by going the home route is a lot easier, more fun, and a lot less pressure than going out. Try these recipes any day of the year you want a little romance and don’t forget to enjoy the time you spend together!



I am Emilie, I have always been lover of food and travel, but just starting out when it comes to being a foodie (and the creation of food).  I have always been fascinated by food, food creativity, and the origins of each ingredient. However, usually I defeated myself with my lack of knife skills or some other excuse not to just try.

This is my journey on what can be seen as trials and tribulations of food exploration and other fun key ingredient adventures.  I will explore healthier ways to eat all the while pushing out of my comfort zone when it comes to ingredients and new tricks. These recipes and tricks will not only help you become a healthier person this year, but hopefully also help you impress your loved ones. 

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