Grilled Prosciutto and Black Truffle Pizza


I think Valentine’s Day is a bit funny.  Don’t get me wrong, because there is nothing more that I love then love, but to save up all your love for one day?  I have girlfriends who genuinely get into this day, I mean seriously into it.  It is nothing for them to be dropping a some fortune on new outfits, perfume, styling their hair, and all for one night of amore!  Shouldn’t this be something that is celebrated all the time?  The sad thing, if the fairy tale evening doesn’t go as planned, they are devastated, and the poor soul who didn’t get the Valentine’s memo is likely to be dumped.

We quit going out to fancy restaurants, after many disappointing (and expensive) Valentine’s Day menus.  The day is now celebrated in a very pretty low-key style, card exchanging and a little something extra special for dinner such a big fat fillet.  Who doesn’t want to over stuff themselves before a big night of love.  HA!

This year is going to be different.  For some reason, I have the insatiable desire to go all out for Valentine’s Day.  I mean, all pink and girly, which is the complete opposite of me.  Something overcame me after the holidays, and I decided there needed to be more memorable traditions set for special holidays around our house.  I still plan on showering my loved one with love throughout the year, but February 14th, is going to be different, complete with glittery pink hearts!  I may even get my hair done.  *smiling*

A night of amore is not so fun on a full belly, I am planning on making something light but taste-bud tantalizing.  This grilled pizza is special as it is sprinkled not only with love but also French black truffles.  Truffles in my mind are somewhat of an aphrodisiac, they are musky, earthy and always leave me wanting a little bit more!   I would like some candles, put a little Barry White on, pop open some bubbles and lead my special someone into the kitchen where I would have a pizza bar set-up.  Think of all the fun (or four-play) that can be had while you are sipping bubbles, and massaging out pizza dough.  Gingerly layering slices of prosciutto over the crust, sprinkling with Parmesan cheese and a dusting of truffles.  If you live in an area that is not grilling weather friendly, bake the pizza in the oven, it will taste just as good and will be just as much fun.

Truffles can be a bit on the pricey side, and I like to think of them as a special treat.  Despite their price, it will still cost less then a dinner at  a Michelin star restaurant.  If you cannot splurge on a fresh truffle, use a truffle infused olive oil as you will still get the warm musky smell and taste that leads to amore!  Exciting news is we are giving away one French Black Truffle over at our site for Valentine’s Day, come enter, you may be the lucky winner!

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