Bacon Pancakes

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My mother use to make a killer bacon waffle when I was a kid.  Strips of almost cooked bacon was draped over the waffle weaves and a think creamy batter was ladled over the top.  The fat from the bacon slightly sizzled, blending in to the waffle, creating an ultra crisp waffle.  It was definitely a treat, and something we did not get to have very often.  Boy, was it was good!

When I heard that we would be talking about pancakes this week, my mind wandered to those chilly mornings around the table, eating crispy bacon waffles.  I use to love it!  I would put a dot of butter into each little waffle weave then pour thick maple syrup over the top.  I would then cut the waffle into sticks, dipping each one into the buttery pools that were being nestled by the remaining waffle.  Smokey bacon and maple syrup should be married, the two together are outstanding.  Those mornings were my inspiration for these bacon pancakes.

I have always used the Better Homes and Gardens pancake recipe.  I love how it turns out perfect every time;  fluffy, light and golden brown.  For my bacon pancake recipe I basically followed the directions except for a few exceptions.  For instance, I fried up thick strips of Applewood bacon, that had been cut into small pieces.  Instead of adding sugar and oil to the recipe, I mixed in some maple syrup and some of the drippings from the bacon, along with a little melted butter.  Butter just makes everything taste better.  I do not add the crumbled bacon to the pancake mix, instead I sprinkle the pieces over the pancakes just as they start to bubble.  Then I flip them once they are golden brown.  Wait until you smell the bacon lightly frying into the batter – sweet!  Pass the maple syrup!


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