Egg in Your Drink (Not on Your Face)


Egg?Does the idea of an egg in your cocktail make you a bit queasy? Or worse does it make you want to run from the room in fear of your life? Well relax it’s all in your head. A raw egg white helps unify the flavors in diverse ingredients. What is doesn’t do is add an eggy taste, nor does it create a slimy texture. In fact a properly shaken egg white in a cocktail creates a soft silky foam that rises to the top; oftentimes in dramatic fashion.

Still many people raise their eyebrows just at the thought of raw eggs. That’s because raw eggs have been a bit vilified by the food-a-phobes lately.

Eggs have traditionally been an important part of many classic cocktails. These include sours, flips and nogs. Without the egg these drinks lose something important. But convincing the food-a-phobes to embrace the egg in its raw form is very difficult. While it’s true raw eggs carry some risk of salmonella, with properly stored, fresh eggs the risk is very low. Only 1 in 20,000 eggs has any salmonella bacteria in it at all. The odds of getting salmonella from an egg are extremely remote. You have a better chance of dying from accidental drowning (1 in 1,000), being killed in a massive storm (1 in 3,000) or slipping and falling to your death (1 in 6,500). Don’t get me started on car accidents, because I know you still drive. Besides there are now pasteurized eggs that remove the threat of salmonella poisoning entirely. However, if you have doubts follow your conscience or the advice of your doctor. If you still have doubts all I can say is you’re really missing out on something. GREG



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