Egg Substitutes for People with Allergies or Vegans


There are many ways to replace eggs in vegan and allergy-free baking and more. Read on to find a few tried and true substitutes to have on hand to make it easy for you to cook without eggs. 

Ground flax seeds are my favorite egg sub for baking. Use one tablespoon ground flax seed mixed with 2 to 3 tablespoons of warm water per egg that’s called for in your recipe.

When you add the water to the flax seed it will be a loose mixture like the picture below.

After about 5 minutes it will thicken up nicely. In fact if you leave it too long you may need to mix in an extra teaspoon of water.

If you want to bake even more spur of the moment you can make up some flax eggs ahead of time and store them in mini-mason jars in the fridge. You can make a few on the weekend and use them during the week. These will keep for about 1 week. You can give it a try in the coffeecake recipe below.

Three other great baking substitutes for eggs are mashed ripe banana, mashed tofu or mashed avocado. You can use 1/2 a banana or about 1/4 cup of any one of the three to replace one egg.

Here’s a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies that uses avocado to replace the eggs. You could just as easily use pureed tofu or mashed banana if you don’t have an avocado.

Egg substitutes aren’t only for baking. Tofu is the perfect scrambled eggs impostor. This breakfast scramble also works beautifully in fried rice. For the fried rice you can skip all the recipe details and just mash some tofu with turmeric to color it yellow and some kala namak to make it taste like eggs. Use the tofu scramble recipe below as a guide.

Happy egg-less eating!


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