Beef Stock

Beef Stock

I love spending a lazy weekend day, at home catching up, and making stock.  I like to think of it as “healthy multi-tasking”.  I get home things such as cleaning the toilets, organizing a cabinet, dusting away dust bunnies finished, and I have a big pot of comforting stock.  From there, I have a meal for the evening, and my freezer has become overstocked with a month’s worth of good stock.  I know what you are thinking;  but, it isn’t that hard.  You can do it!!  The process isn’t so much of a task, as long as you make it part of a day, when you’ll just be at home on the internet anyhow.

I started making stocks a few years ago, once I realized how much better they tasted.  Then I was hooked, and now I make a batch once a month.  Every month is a different flavor, either chicken, veggie or beef.  I am hoping to work with duck and maybe pork this year.  Then I incorporate whatever stock I have made into my menu planning for that month.  It is great to have a batch for last minute soups or creamy risottos to lay on the table.  Or for cooking some hearty grains to serve along side that roasted pork.

I do have a fondness for my homemade beef stock.  When I first started making stock, I only used shanks, then I decided to add marrow and oxtails.  WOW.  The flavor was intensified, and the broth is rich and indulgent.  I let the meat slowly roast for hours in the oven, which creates an amazing depth and caramelization.  Then the meat simmers away with herbs and root veggies on the stove .  f, I have the time, I take two-days to make it.  If, I don’t, it can be done in one-day.  I am listing the one-day directions here, and you can find the two-day directions on my site.  Either way, you will have a freezer full of delicious stock.  After the stock has cooked completely, I let it cool down, and then put it into the refrigerator overnight.  The next morning, I skim off the fat, and then store in 2 cup freezer containers.  Instant meals at your disposal!

What are you going to be doing your next lazy weekend day at home?

Denise Woodward believes anything can be made at home as long as you have a little patience, and time.  All of her recipes are made using fresh and seasonal ingredients.  Her recipes have been featured on Eat Boutiquethe Mushroom ChannelSaveur.comFoodies of the WorldPBS and Fine Cooking.  

Denise also creates the recipes on the popular food blog Chez Us.  Saveur has featured Chez Us as one of 50 Food Blogs You Should Be Reading as well as one of the Sites They Love.  Be sure to read more about what they are cooking up over at Chez Us.

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