Ginger Martini


Domaine de CantonMy cohorts here at The Back Burner have been discussing the joys of gingerbread all week. I like gingerbread. But to me the most joyous aspect of gingerbread– especially during the holidays, isn’t the bread. It’s the ginger and all its possibilities.

Ginger is an elegant ingredient where ever it shows its pert little face. Denise’s Crispy Ginger Chicken Spring Rolls proved that earlier this week. But in my opinion the charm of ginger is particularly pronounced in the cocktail world. Ginger elevates most anything. Especially vodka.

Ginger can be harsh in the wrong hands. I know you know that. So I’m pleased to say there are some hands available to handle the ginger in all your cocktail needs. I recently discovered a French liqueur called Domaine de Canton. Actually it’s got a Chinese provenance, but this version is made in France. With its nuances of ginger, orange blossom honey and vanilla it’s the perfect ingredient to elevate vodka into something special enough to be given the marvelous moniker martini. Typically I reserve that word for gin.

So I hope you will enjoy this tasteful little tipple. Especially during the holidays. Just don’t you dare call it a ginger-tini. GREG



  1. Must make one of these. Maybe today. We love Canton, even on it’s own it is wonderful!! Thank you for spicing up my cocktail day!

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