Bacon and foie gras potatoes gratin


First of all, happy thanksgiving to everyone.

I’m happy to introduce you to my version of the classic potatoes gratin – Gratin dauphinois. Maybe this version need a great session of jogging after eating it, but I think your guests will be really satisfied with the result. This side dish is perfect with turkey or a great meat like beef flank.

I’m using foie gras in this version but if you want, you do not absolutely have to use it. This is only for a more rich/creamy version. But it’s a great addition :). But you must use the bacon in the recipe, this is THE special addition to the recipe.

You can play with different spices if you want to add a different taste. I love to add muscada in the mix. Once I added steak spices to try something different. As usual, the sky is the limit to make your recipe special and unique.

Using sweet potatoes would be nice in this recipe. I think I’ll try that version next time.



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