Butternut squash cookies


I’ll be honest with you, I have a lot of difficulty making cookies. I don’t know why, but I always find it difficult to get the right balance in cooking them. I would say that the problem is that I always burn the cookies. So this recipe is still a challenge for me. It was also the first time I made this recipe.

Since I’ve made ​​gnocchi with butternut squash I though that I would probably made ​​cookies with this vegetable. This squash has a nice flavor that can be used in many recipes. This is really a vegetable we can use regularly.

I also noticed that vegetables are becoming increasingly present in desserts. For the recipe I tried two versions. A version with squash integrated directly into the biscuit, and in the other version I’ve stuffed some cookies with the mashed squash.

In my case, I preferred the version stuffed with squash. We taste more of the squash and it gives a little extra fluffiness to the cookie.

But personally, I’ve found it a little bit difficult to seal the cookies with pureed squash inside them. I think you’ll need a little bit of patience to be successful.



  1. Francis, that is so funny, as I cannot make rice. It is the one food that really challenges me. Even with a rice cooker. I think you did a wonderful job on these cookies and they sound great. Love squash added to any baking recipe; makes it a little healthier. Right?

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