Dark and Stormy Cocktail


Rum LoveI love rum. Its flavor profile makes it work so well in so many different ways.

Take the Classic Dark and Stormy. It’s made with dark rum and has a very bold taste. It’s typically considered a warm weather cocktail with its roots in the white sands of Bermuda. It’s a staple in the Caribbean where its spicy effervescence is a great foil to the heat. It has enough of a ginger kick to soothe an upset stomach too.

But think about it. The heart of a Dark and Stormy is that bold bite of ginger. I think ginger is a great flavor to accompany all the tastes and textures typically found on the Thanksgiving plate. So I have decided to include this cocktail on my Thanksgiving menu. It’s hardly traditional. But with so many traditional dishes showing up on your Thanksgiving plate year after year, I think it’s fun to throw in a few unexpected treats as well.

Sometimes you’ll see this drink called a Dark ‘N Stormy. So just to get all the facts and legalities straight I think I should mention that as the unofficial drink of Bermuda, when this cocktail bears the Dark ‘N Stormy moniker it’s actually a  trademarked drink and must be made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. But I like Bacardi in this, so I called mine a Dark AND Stormy just to cover my butt.

A good Dark and Stormy requires a deft balance between deeply rich rum and the super spice of ginger. I like mine with plenty of stormy bite too. So I often add a slice or two of raw ginger and a hint of sweetened ginger syrup. These are optional. As are the limes. In fact no true Bermudian would put lime into this cocktail, but I’m not Bermudian. So mine packs a punch of sour citrus. I think it adds to the stormy aspect of a Dark and Stormy.

I’m not the only person who thinks the Dark and Stormy is terrific little tipple either. So I have included three versions of this classic cocktail for you to compare. Happy Thanksgiving. GREG




  1. I drank these in Bermuda, and had a heck of a time carrying all the ingredients back through customs, but it was worth it. Stick with the classic ingredients and enjoy!

  2. One of my fa orbits drinks. Our love of this started with a bottle of dark rum my son brought back from Bermuda

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