Gingerbread Sweet Potatoes


These sweet potatoes are full of cranberries, pear and spices all topped with gingerbread cookie crumbs. Not exactly traditional, but definitely worth a try this Thanksgiving!

I love sweet potatoes and they were always my favorite side dish at Thanksgiving when I was little. There was something magical about eating marshmallows with the rest of your dinner that got me every time.

There are vegan marshmallows, but there is gelatin in most of them. Try Dandies or Sweet and Sara if you need to stock up on vegan marshmallows for some after meal cocoa for you and your veggie friends. These sweet potatoes are still sweet, which keeps it kid-friendly while also being vegan-friendly at the same time.

The dried cranberries add a little brightness to the dark spicy flavors of the cloves, allspice and cinnamon. The pears are little bursts of sweetness. Of course, you can’t go wrong with cookie crumbs on top either.

All of it mixes together to make an interesting holiday dish that’s great for Thanksgiving but works for the rest of the winter holidays too. Plus, if you make your own cookies or leave the crumbs off, this dish becomes completely fat-free!



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