Coffee Toffee Cupcakes


Leftover candy? I’m unfamiliar with this occurrence, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to some kids in some family somewhere.

One of my favorite candy bars is the Heath bar–I love the buttery crunch of the toffee and the light coating of chocolate. In a world where I wasn’t a food blogger, there’s no way I’d sacrifice a Heath bar for a batch of cupcakes, but since we don’t live in that world, that’s what you see here. It’s the price I pay.

Yes, I used crushed up Heath bars in the whipped cream filling of these coffee-flavored cupcakes, but I suppose pretty much any candy bar will do. A Butterfinger bar would be especially tasty as well. If you freeze your Milky Ways, Snickers, or Rolos before chopping them up, they’d be dandy too. Chocolate, coffee, and caramel unite so splendidly regardless of the ingredients used.

Belated as it may be.

Here are some more ideas if you blissfully find yourself with a plethora of Heath bars, my (rather lengthy!) recipe included:




  1. I didn’t buy any candy this year (we don’t get trick-or-treaters on our street) but now I wish I did, just for baking with the leftovers :)

  2. I see a future for my Butterfingers. Ooops, did I say “my”? I meant “my kids'” lol. And hey all of a suden I get Arrow. Weird how that happens. Have watched the first 3.

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