Honey Maple Granola


The folks responsible for Food Day are not great lovers of dessert. Let me amend that: They are not great lovers of my kind of dessert–rich and decadent and sinful meal-finishers are not encouraged. No, they recommend a diet that includes only two servings of dessert a day, where an example of a serving is one small cookie or one teaspoon of sugar. I don’t know about you, but I find one teaspoon to be an extremely small amount. Perhaps I need to take this Food Day and re-evaluate my own outlook on proper eating habits!

Food Day is all about healthy, affordable, and sustainable food, and this granola fits those qualifications quite nicely. No animals were harmed in the making of this product, and as a bonus, it’s relatively good for you, especially paired with some low fat yogurt and fresh fruit. The sugars are natural and the seeds and nuts are a good source of protein. I haven’t even mentioned the versatility here–you can add whatever nuts, seeds, spices, and fruits you like or have on hand! The final jewel in the crown of this granola is that it actually tastes good–the cinnamon is subtle, the level of sweetness is just right, and the crunch is perfect.

Food Day also promotes supporting local farms. I’m very fortunate in that my brother has recently decided to raise chickens, making me the recipient of some glorious farm-fresh eggs. Another important aspect of Food Day is increasing awareness of proper treatment of animals, and I’m happy to report that my brother’s chickens have to be some of the most content and satisfied chickens in the world.

Is there anything more lovely than the vibrant hue of a farm egg?

Store-bought eggs simply can’t compare to the golden orbs from my brother’s hens. The shell is firmer, the yolk is bigger and brighter, the taste is richer, and bonus–the guilt-factor is nonexistent. While I’m not sure I can subsist on two teaspoons of sugar a day, supporting local farms and making sure all critters are treated well are two notions I can fully support.


  1. The granola sounds wonderful- it would be great on yogurt for breakfast. Once you’ve had fresh farm eggs, it’s hard to go back to the grocery store ones. :)

  2. The granola sounds delicious,Grace! I would love a large bowl for breakfast and the chicken is sooo cute! Love fresh eggs!

  3. Grace, this granola not only looks amazing but sounds fantastic. I love making granola at home as I have control over the ingredients as well as the flavors. Look forward to giving your recipe a whirl.

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