Granny Smith Apples, Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta

Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta 3

Apples.  I never used to be a big apple fan.  I could take them or leave them.  Growing up we had three options:  1) shiny red apples, 2) green apples, or 3) crab apples which came from my grandmother’s tree.  It wasn’t until I moved to California and started shopping at the Farmer’s Market did I experience what I considered to be “real” apples.

Come late September, early October, there were baskets full of apples available.  Some were sweet.  Some were tart.  Some of them had a slight blush to their skin.  Some were slightly yellow.  They were not perfectly unblemished, nor were they waxed.  These were tree-ripened apples.  When you took a bite, their juices ran down your chin.  They had texture and made a loud crunch with that first, second and third bite.  Suddenly I had experienced a good apple.

When I am working on a savory dish and want to toss apples in the mix, I normally opt for a tart apple.  A good ole fashioned Granny Smith does just the trick.  Not too sweet, just enough tartness to make a dish interesting.  For this Fall inspired side dish, I decided to add lots of salty pancetta as well as brussels sprouts to my diced green apple recipe.  I used to detest brussels sprouts,  thanks to them being overcooked and doused in vinegar.  Now I use them raw in salads or fried with savory seasonings as a side dish.  This side screams fall and winter. It is kid-friendly as well.  Just tell the little ones it has bacon added and they will be eating out of the palm of your hand.

Happy Fall.


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  1. I make something similar that’s gotten my picky eater to ask for brussels sprouts! I use liquid smoke in place of the meat and a little maple syrup. But the apples really make it!

  2. Hi Marsha, the recipe is above as well as over at the Key Ingredient site. Let me know if you need anything else. Denise

  3. Kathy, great idea about the liquid smoke. I was trying to think of a meat alternate for the flavor. Thanks.

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