Brunchify It!


ShootersWelcome to your Friday Happy Hour!

This week’s theme? Breakfast…

I think I told you that somebody on the editorial team has it out for me. Somebody keeps picking themes that are not friendly to the casual drinkers amongst us. I mean nobody but nobody– not even the most serious drinkers want booze for breakfast.

But Brunch. Hmmm… that’s a different story. Nearly everybody likes to start brunch with something bracing. Even the lightest drinkers can enjoy a mimosa every now and again. For the more hardcore there’s the Bloody Mary of course. The Bloody Mary is a cocktail that deserves a lot of my attention. More attention than I can give at this early hour. So I think I’ll save my rather exhaustive opinions about the Bloody Mary for another week. In fact a little birdie told me that next week The Back Burner will be featuring the star of the Bloody Mary herself. Madame Tomate.

Meaning this week I’m free to be a bit creative. I thought I’d offer a slightly more genteel version of the Bloody Mary for this very genteel brunch I have planned. It’s to be a rather elegant affair. So I want to start out with a boldly crimson little shooter.  It’s both unexpected and a great little ice-breaker because it will have a potent vodka punch. But this little amuse bouche is far more suited to the culinarily inclined. In fact it’s downright gourmet. Because brunch should be special. Because I love brunch. I L-O-V-E brunch. Yes, I’d marry brunch if I could. Satisfied?

If you don’t believe me tune in to The Table Set where the gents and I prove that all of life’s woes can be solved if you just “Put an Egg on it”. But brunch is more than just eggs. So today I have an alluring little shooter that is a riff on a classic Bloody Mary. Because anything can be turned into brunch. GREG


Greg Henry writes the food blog Sippity Sup- Serious Fun Food, and contributes the Friday column on entertaining for The Back Burner at Key Ingredient. He’s active in the food blogging community, and a popular speaker at IFBC, Food Buzz Festival and Camp Blogaway. He’s led cooking demonstrations in Panama & Costa Rica, and has traveled as far and wide as Norway to promote culinary travel. He’s been featured in Food & Wine Magazine, Los Angeles Times, More Magazine, The Today Show Online and Saveur’s Best of the Web. Greg also co-hosts The Table Set podcast which can be downloaded on iTunes or at Homefries Podcast Network and was named one of The LA Weekly’s 5 favorite podcasts for food lovers.

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