Zucchini-tini? Really?


zucchin-tiniZucchini-tini? Could I really? Do I dare?

You see I’m supposed to offer you a drink every Friday. Something bracing and strong enough to ease you into the weekend. It’s not as easy as it seems. In fact sometimes I think someone out there is trying to make it as difficult as possible.

I’m at a distinct disadvantage here because we at The Back Burner use an editorial calender to frame the subject matter for our posts week after week. This week’s theme is zucchini. Meaning I’m supposed to come up with a cocktail that highlights zucchini in some way. That’s how the silly word zucchini-tini popped into my head. The idea of a zucchini-tini frankly goes against everything I believe in. And I mean everything.

But now that I’ve gotten that word into my head (zucchini-tini zucchini-tini zucchini-tini) I can’t seem to squash it! (see what I mean?)

Still, a zucchini-tini is not an easy concept. In fact looking ahead at the editorial calender I see weeks and weeks of odd cocktails in your future. Don’t blame me if you find yourself starring a pork chop cocktail right in the, well chops. But I guess it could be worse. Because I know– I just know they’re planning a Brussels sprouts week. I just know it…

So until then, here I go. A Zucchini-tini cocktail. I tried a few versions. Some I made up. Some I found online. In the end I chose a recipe from Claire Robinson of The Food Network because I figure if you don’t like it you can always blame her. But you know what? It’s really light and delicious, and not nearly as green as you’d think. Besides, with this one I can honestly say “let’s drink to our health”!GREG


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