Spicy Berry Sauce

Spicy Berry Sauce

Okay, you are probably wondering what this meaty writer is bringing to the table for berry week.  Berries with meat?  Never fear, as I have a delicious, lick-it-off-the-spoon recipe for your grilled meats.

Berry season is on the brink of being over in the US with fall tapping at the door.  I have been picking up some gorgeous blackberries the past couple weeks and enjoying them tremendously.  Don’t get me wrong– I am definitely excited to be working on some new meaty recipes using fall produce as well.  I think it will be something to excite your taste-buds.

Enough of the teaser, back to berries. This spicy berry sauce is an explosion of flavor, or as we like to call it a party in our mouth. The sweet berries play nicely with spicy peppers, creating a harmony that goes really well with grilled meats. The smokey flavor of the meat is mellowed out by the freshness of this sauce. I really enjoy it with grilled lamb or pork, but imagine it would be great with chicken as well as gamey meat such as venison.

Besides serving it alongside grilled meat, I have used it as a base while grilling. Before doing so, I add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the sauce and gently heat it over low heat. Then I baste the meat while it is grilling. I love the crispy little pieces that form from the juices of the meat and the sauce, creating a great texture on the outside of the meat, sealing in the juices. Very moist.

You still have time to take advantage of the last of the summer berries, and if you live in other parts of the world, where berries are just appearing, you have lots of time to enjoy this very special sauce.

Have you ever used berries in a meaty dish?

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  1. Thanks Lauren. I have paired other fruits but this is my first time with berries. Was great – definitely a hit at our home. Hope you get a chance to try it out before the season ends.

  2. what a delicious sauce, denise! i can see lots of potential uses for it. the spicy kick from the pepper is what i like most of all. :)

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