The Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich

I feel rather … silly sharing a recipe for a “ham sandwich”;  but, this week we are sharing favorite childhood dishes.  Mine was the ham sandwich.  Little did I know that a simple ham sandwich was going to be my gateway to loving the pig, later in life, once my taste-buds matured a bit.

My parents were divorced and my mom was a hard-working single mother.  She worked a 9 – 5 job, leaving us to fend for ourselves when we came home after school.  Something to eat was usually the first thing on our minds.  While my sister was happy with a bowl of .99 cent ramen;  I wanted more.  I would usually whip up scrambled eggs, mac and cheese or a ham sandwich.  Since we were living on a modest budget, I had to use what was bought for us, and to be honest, I probably didn’t really know the difference back then.  Normally, there was a packet of “unnamed” ham slices in the fridge, that could be used for snacking and/or sandwiches.


I was a purest and liked my ham piled high on a piece of white bread with a little mayo and dijon.  Yes, dijon was the must ingredient for my ham sandwiches.  Just a little smear across the mayo, as all that was needed, just enough to give the sandwich a little something memorable.  No cheese.  No lettuce.  No tomatoes or pickles.  Just bread and ham.

Times have changed and my taste-buds have matured.  While I still love ham piled high on fluffy white bread, I also love a really spicy, grainy mustard spread across the bread, and a little extra mayo.  As well I love good pieces of ham, slices of cured and smoked ham, the kind you have to ask the deli guy to slice, and wrap in paper for you.  I, also, love a leaf of crisp butter lettuce and juicy ripe tomatoes.  A sprinkling of fresh ground black pepper and maldron salt wraps it together … nicely.  Now, that my friends, is a ham sandwich.

What is your favorite childhood after school snack?

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