Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce


I remember a time when I looked upon old bread with regret and sadness, as I knew its fate was the dumpster or, if it was lucky, the gullets of the birds and squirrels outside my apartment. No more, my friends! I’ve discovered bread pudding, and I’ve vowed never to dispose of the stale (but still mold-free) stuff again.

Savory bread puddings are all well and good–I particularly like the breakfast variety, stuffed with cheese, sausage, and caramelized onions–but for me, my sweet tooth dictates all. With a few simple flavorings and spices and a killer sauce, you can easily dress up the hardest of old breads. Suggestion: Go to your local bakery and ask if they have day-old croissants, donuts, or cinnamon rolls to buy. You can use those to make the best bread pudding of your life.

While some may feel that the segment of fruit-laden and flavorful bread pudding is the star of this show, others might pitch a strong argument for the whiskey sauce. If made properly, the combination of nutmeg and whiskey really nicely compliments the subtle tastes coming out of the bread pudding. It’s smooth and slightly thickened and aromatic and really quite terrific. I guess you now know on which side of the debate I fall…


  1. Oh bread pudding, how I love thee ;). My sister-in-law went to Tulane in New Orleans, and the bread pudding down there is absolutely to-die-for. This one looks pretty phenomenal, too!

  2. Hi Grace! Fancy seeing you here:) I absolutely agree. Bread Pudding is not only delicious, it saves on waste. I load up the freezer with leftover bread until I get enough to make a fabulous bread pudding. This recipe will be next!!! Gotta love the Whiskey Sauce, lol…

    Thanks for sharing…

  3. Yum, I really want to lick the screen Grace. Your bread pudding is perfect-dense, spicy and it doesn’t contain raisens. And that amazing sauce!

  4. speaking from personal experience, licking a computer screen brings nothing but disappointment. :)

  5. Hi Grace! I couldn’t agree more. Old bread is always the best excuse for bread pudding! This looks delicious. Now if only I had a few extra loaves in my kitchen.

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