Tropical Escape


This has been one of those weeks in fact the second in a row. Maybe the heat wave started it, or maybe it’s been too long since I took my last vacation. Since I still have way too much to do, I can’t just get in my car and drive off to my favorite resort. So I decided to make a drink that would make me feel like I had a little escape.

This drink also makes a heck of a mocktail if you’d like to skip the rum. It’s the flavors of the pineapple, coconut and lychee that transport you out of any funk you might be in.

If you haven’t had lychee fruit before you can expect a mild flavor that’s slightly floral with a bit of a sweet pear flavor. The canned ones have less of that perfume, but with the rosewater and coconut brings it back to life.

You can see it in the picture above and its not that exciting to look at. It’s beige and looks closer to a scallop than a fruit, so I’d skip that in the garnish next time and choose a fresh cherry or strawberry. Remember it’s the taste that counts!




  1. I’d have to make it a virgin (seeing as though I’m pregnant!) but this lychee pina colada sounds like just the ticket for cooling off on a hot day.

  2. I am lychees and use them often in martinis as well as salads. Refreshing, aren’t’ they?

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