Pork Tenderloin with Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Pork Tenderloin with pineapple salsa

We are going tropical this week over at the Back Burner.  I tossed around a few ideas for a recipe, from coconut curries to grilled salmon with mangoes.  Then I decided to share one of our favorite summer meals with you, pork tenderloin and a spicy salsa.

I usually serve a grilled or oven roasted tenderloin, during the summer, with a roasted peach salsa.  It is a amazing, but not tropical.  I am taking you away to somewhere warm and exotic.  Let’s pretend you are sitting at a long table on the beach, with your toes dangling in the sand, and salty air is wetting your appetite for something … flavorful.  This dish will be perfect.

I adore grilling my fruit before making salsas or chutneys.  It gives the finished dish so much depth.  Grilling pineapple is heavenly and it comes out lightly caramelized and just slightly sweet.  It really adds a great twist to the otherwise spicy salsa.  For this particular recipe I pan-grill the fruit as well as the jalapeño and red onion.  I do not use any oils or citrus, just smokey fruit, vegetables and some cool cilantro.

You can grill the tenderloin or slowly cook it in the oven as I did.  I wanted the meat to be very moist, so I pan seared it before putting it into the oven, where I cooked the meat at a very low heat for a long time  (refer to the recipe for cooking times).  It came out very moist with a nice crisp crust.  The smokey pineapple salsa was perfect with it.

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  1. The recipe is a good idea, but making sure the tenderloin is not over-cooked is very important. A well-done tenderloin (as it appears to be in the photos) loses a lot of moisture and can become quite tough, detracting from the natural succulence of the cut. A slice of tenderloin with some healthy pink to it is much more fun for the palette to appraise than a dry grainy one.

  2. HI, thanks for your comments. This tenderloin had a nice blush to the color of the meat. I cook a nice cut of pork to 140 and then let sit for 10 minutes, while it continues cooking. It looks a bit “overdone” on this photo as the lighting was a bit hot, and there are highlights glistening around the shiny pineapple. Do try the recipe; the salsa is amazing with the pork.

  3. Lauren, I am adoring the grilled pineapple in this salsa, had it over smashed pinto beans for lunch. So good.

  4. I couldn’t agree more, Greg. My mind is whirling with ideas for grilled pineapple. Loved it!!

  5. i tend to think that nothing pairs with pork as well as apples, but this is extremely tempting!

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