Lobster Rolls


Even though, I am not from New England, when I think of summery foods, I immediately think of lobster.  Blue ocean water lapping against the sandy dunes with the smell of shellfish filling the air, and sea salt kissing my lips.  We would be sitting amongst friends cooking up pots of lobsters and buttering rolls before gorging ourselves with the lobster roll.

I had never had the pleasure of a lobster roll until two years ago, during a trip to Boston.  It definitely was not the scene I imagined, instead, it was a cold and blistery winter day.  We tucked into a little spot in the North End, called Neptune Oyster Bar, ordered couple cold ones and a hot and a cold lobster roll.  Since I loved lobster with butter, I took over that platter when it arrived.  Every buttery bite was worth the forty year wait.

Lobster rolls are not a thing on the West Coast, and you hardly ever find them on a menu.  Being the food lovers we are, we did recreate that buttery lobster experience at home.  It is a bit of a splurge, but it really screams summer.  We used a live lobster as the meat has more flavor, and the texture is lighter.  If, this is not feasible for you, go ahead and use some frozen lobster tails.  The seasonings are simple and quite controversial.  Some true puritans believe that there should be anything green touching the lobster roll.  We like a little celery and green onions stirred in with the meat and melted butter to give the sandwich some crunch.  I have to admit I love taking that first bite of the buttery lobster and wiping the sweet, succulent drips off of my chin.  Every bite is a heavenly.

It is summer, splurge a little;  it is cheaper then an airline ticket to New England.

If, the hot lobster roll not your thing, we have a cold lobster roll recipe that you will love as well.

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