Pumpkin Spice Cheap-o-chino


One of the recipes I get asked for the most is a simple version of a pumpkin spice frozen coffee. It seems to have a cult following. But believe it or not the pumpkin spice syrup at your local coffee chain just may contain dairy and the one at you-know-who’s definitely does. So one reason to make this yourself is if you are vegan or have a dairy allergy. The other is this isn’t made with an artificially flavored syrup but real good-for-you pumpkin. No pumpkin on hand? Use sweet potato instead for a spicy twist on your morning wake up drink!

The one thing that you need to make ahead is the cold brewed coffee concentrate. You can make it on the weekend and use it all week long. There is very little hands on time and it cold brews by sitting out overnight while you sleep. (My favorite way to make food!)

You can buy a toddy maker if you drink a ton of iced coffee, but a French press works great for a smaller amount of concentrate. However, you can make the larger batch and freeze the coffee concentrate in ice cube trays.

My favorite benefit of cold brewing coffee is that there is less acid in the final product making it much easier on your stomach. That means if you’ve given up coffee because of your stomach there might still be hope.

Pumpkin is available all year round in cans or if you cooked up a few pie pumpkins last fall and stored your homemade puree in the fridge. If you are like me and have already gone through your pumpkin stash, cook up a sweet potato and make it into a sweet potato pie cheap-o-chino. It taste just as good and still gives you a nutritional boost with your daily coffee.

Are you a coffee hater? Leave it out completely for a caffeine-free treat!



  1. Kathy, I have heard of cold-brewing but never pursued looking into it. I am completely intrigued, thanks to your post. Love making this “chino” drink with pumpkin. Have to admit pumpkin lattes are a guilty pleasure on road-trips during the fall.

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