Springtime Beef Stir Fry

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The seasons are a bit confused out in the Bay Area as our winter seems to be a bit late, as it has been blowing in a little too often.  Our days have been brisk if not a tad wet, and the nights are darn right chilly.  We should be enjoying bowls of comfort food, but the signs of Spring are also showing their smiling faces.  A sign that Spring has sprung are the mounds of sweet green garlic piled high on the tables at the markets, along with tender stalks of asparagus.  The two seem to go hand-in-hand, and really compliment flavorful strips of beef sirloin.

Once the weather begins to warm up, and the days become longer, I tend to look for quick and easy dinners.  Stir-frys are easy, and a great way to incorporate tender spring veggies with flavorful meat proteins.  One of my go-t0 cuts of meat to use when stir-frying is the sirloin.  The sirloin is the cut of meat that lies between the short loin and the tougher round.  I like to freeze the meat for about hour, before starting to cook, this helps when slicing the meat thinly.  Sirloins can be a bit tough, if not cooked properly, I find that when I quickly stir-fry the meat, and season it properly the meat comes out very moist as well as flavorful.

This stir-fry recipe has been inspired by Korean BBQ.  I love how Korean BBQ sauce coat the meat, and when cooked quickly, it almost caramelizes.   I have changed the original recipe around, a lot, as I know add fresh ginger slices, and red pepper threads.  Green garlic is cooked until golden brown and asparagus pieces are quickly cooked along side it, just long enough to grab some of the sweetness.  The saltiness comes from the soy sauce, and the sweetness (the caramelized goodness) is from a little sugar that is added to the sauce.  To make a complete meal, add big bowls of steamed rice.


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