Coconut Almond Frozen Coffee


You won’t be jealous of the kids eating chocolate bunnies with this Almond Joy flavored treat in your glass. This frosty coffee drink has the caffeine to get you through that egg hunt and it tastes like a candy bar!

The one thing that you need to make ahead is the cold brewed coffee concentrate. You can make it on the weekend and use it all week long. There is very little hands on time and it cold brews by sitting out overnight while you sleep. (My favorite way to make food!)

You can buy a toddy maker if you drink alot of iced coffee, but a French press works great for a smaller amount of concentrate. However, you can make the larger batch and freeze the coffee concentrate in ice cube trays.

Another benefit of cold brewing coffee is that there is less acid in the final product making it much easier on your stomach.



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