Turkey Lemongrass Meatballs


When I need a budget friendly (as well as healthy) recipe, I always turn to my turkey lemongrass meatballs.  I love this recipe!  It was originally influenced by a Donna Hay recipe for turkey patties;  but, has evolved over the years into a more flavorful meatball.  Come to think of it .. I cannot believe I have not shared it with you sooner.

I prefer to use organic/cage free ground turkey thighs, but if you are not a dark meat kind of foodie, feel free to use ground turkey breast.  Why do I like the darker meat?  More flavor, juicer and easier on the wallet, while still being healthy.  Organic/cage-free?  Yes, I prefer going this route as the meats are less fatty and have more flavor, not to mention being better for you.  Normally, not too much of a price difference.  I think the splurge is a healthy choice.

I load up on seasonings for this recipe from minced garlic and lemongrass to Fresno chilies and sweet basil.  While the meatballs are browning, the aromas that fill your kitchen will be teasing your anxiously waiting dinner guests.  Smells like you have jumped a plane to somewhere exotic.

The other trick to making an even moister meatball, is by lightly braising the just browned meatballs in some water or wine, right before serving.  It is a great way to deglaze all the good stuff off of the bottom of the pan, and to make the meatballs ultra moist.

I like to serve this dish with quickly cooked soba noodles that have been drenched in a little sesame oil and sriracha and some lightly blanched snow peas.  If, soba noodles are not  your thing, the meatballs are great served with a big bowl of brown steamed rice and broccoli.

Complete (healthy) dinner for 4 people for $13.85 total (included soba noodles and snow peas).  Now that is budget friendly.


What is a favorite “meaty” meal that is budget friendly as well as healthy, that you like to make?

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  1. Denise, I made these last night and they were divine. I didn’t have lemongrass so I used cilantro instead. SO good. I’ve made meatballs before but I had never cooked them with water like you did — it really added a great texture and a great flavor punch. Thanks for the recipe!

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