Quick Beef Tacos


A few years ago we were in Mexico and ate our first “real”  tacos.  Different types of meat was grilled over an open fire or quickly cooked in a big pot along with seasonings.  Simply served on fresh baked tortillas with a little “slaw”.  None of the extra fluffs that one often finds on tacos in the US.  Just really good meat, a slightly pickled slaw and a creamy sour cream sauce.  Heaven.

One of my quick-go-to healthy meals is beef tacos as I can have dinner on the table in 30 minutes.  When we are going to have a busy week, I plan ahead and pick-up the ingredients for quick beef tacos.  I don’t use ground beef.  Instead, I use thin strips of beef tenderloin.  If, you cannot find the beef already sliced, ask your butcher, I am sure he/she will be more than happy to help out.  And I always keep tortillas in the freezer;  they make great snacks, wraps for scrambled eggs or a fast lunch.

A quick and easy meal (that is also healthy) is all about the process.  While the onions and garlic are cooking, I make the sour cream dressing and the pickled slaw.  By the time I am finished with both, the onions are ready to have the meat added.  While the meat is cooking, I warm the tortillas on a griddle or in a frying pan.  By the time the tortillas are warm, the meat filling is finished, and you are ready for dinner.

To serve lay a tortilla on a plate, add a little meat, top with a little slaw and then a dollop of cream.  There you have it;  an easy and healthy meal, on the table and in your belly within 30 minutes.  


  1. Grace, thanks for the comment. Yes, I love this go-to recipe. I always thought we were eating proper tacos until we spent time in Mexico. The slightly pickled slaw is really key to making your tacos pop, and there is no need for cheese or guac ever again. It is easy, healthy and makes us happy when we eat it! Hope you try the recipe out.

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