…but not excessively so.

I think one of the worst ways to kick off a resolution-driven New Year’s diet is to quit sweets cold turkey and try to rid the diet completely of superfluous calories.  Existing on low-sugar, fat-free, and fiber-full foods alone is a treacherous (and a bit unnatural) trek.

For my money, a moderate and gradual change is the way to go.  Clearly, the method for success will be different for everyone, but regardless of the route you take, these muffins are a fine way to start.  They aren’t as light and healthful as, say, a bowl of oatmeal or a cup of yogurt, but they’re still far better for you than an ooey-gooey cinnamon roll, a stack of pancakes drowning in maple syrup, or a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from your favorite fast food joint.  It’s all about finding a happy medium.

The best thing about this muffin recipe is the endless variety it offers.  Instead of cherries and almonds, you can toss in cranberries and pecans or bananas and blueberries.  You can add a streusel topping or go with a whole-wheat-flour-and-chocolate-chips combination (nice balance, right?!?).  The spices can be altered as well.  See—the possibilities just keep coming.

Hope you’re having a great start to this brand new year!  If you eschew resolutions, like cherries, and crave cupcakes, check out the latest post on my personal blog, A Southern Grace!


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