Muah Ha Ha, Goodies to Spook the Kids

Halloween is my favorite holiday. What could be better than a month of decorating the house, planning your costume, making crafts, and cooking up batches of scary treats?

This year Halloween is on a Monday, and if you were a kid can you think of a better start your day than a bowl of Purple Monster Oatmeal?

Purple Monster Oatmeal

These oats are spooky, gross, and a bowl of nutritious Halloween fun! Another gruesome breakfast is from my new blogger friend, Cara of Fork and Beans. She’s an amazing Halloween goddess and you must check out her Six Feet Under Coffin French Toast

Photo by Cara Reed

Cara’s version is gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free so even kids with allergies can have this yummy treat!

If you want to wow your kids the weekend before Halloween, make these great Chocolate-covered Date & Pretzel Spiders (also by Cara!)

Candy Spifers

Photo by Cara Reed

The body is a date with broken pretzels as creepy-crawly legs, then dipped in melted chocolate. Of course, Cara tops hers off with a single eye to make sure you shiver!

Don’t forget to use those Halloween cookie cutters. They are great for biscuit dough. Spooky biscuits can top a soup, stew, or be covered in a Gimme Lean gravy. Take your favorite biscuit recipe and replace 1/2 cup liquid with sweet potato puree. Purple sweet potatoes add a grayish hue, while the regular ones will yield a great shade of orange.

Slow Cooker Purple Sweet Potato Casserole Oatmeal

<p>I love purple sweet potatoes because, well, they’re purple. They taste the same as orange ones but love the extra attention, making them the narcissists of the vegetable kingdom…</p> <p>Plus it&#8217;s great for a monster breakfast for …

See Slow Cooker Purple Sweet Potato Casserole Oatmeal on Key Ingredient.

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