Oatmeals that Taste Just Like fall

Slow Cooker Maple Pear Walnut Cake Oatmeal

Slow Cooker Maple Pear Walnut Cake Oatmeal

Fall and its multicolored leaves always give me cooking fever. It finally feels like it’s time to get back into the kitchen. You get to put on your favorite sweater again, and even better, wake up to a steaming bowl of delicious oatmeal.

The slow cooker is a wonderful thing. If you don’t already have one you need to go out and buy a 1 ½ to 2 quart slow cooker to make my oatmeal recipes for 2 to 3 people.

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Coffeecake Oatmeal

You may even find yourself using your new small slow almost every day once you finally have one. You can cook a can’s worth of beans at a time while you’re at work, make a stew for two, or even a snack dip for company. 

If you already have a 4 quart slow cooker you can double the oatmeal recipes and you will have 4 large or 6 medium servings.

Slow Cooker Pear Applesauce Cake Oatmeal

A mini-primer on slow cooker oats:

  • You must use steel-cut oats, rolled oats cook too fast to leave them in overnight.
  • You can substitute any non-dairy milk, juice, or water for the liquid called for.
  • Does your slow cooker tend to burn things or just run hot? Then add an additional 1/2 to 1 cup liquid. 
  • If you are using cranberries or applesauce that has citric acid listed in the ingredients, use water as non-dairy milk will curdle when combined with citric acid.
  • Get your toppings and thermoses ready the night before when you start your oats. That way you don’t have to think at all in the morning!

All the oatmeal recipes that I’ve linked to keep in the fall spirit with seasonal produce like pears, apples and pumpkin. Adding cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, or cloves sets the stage for your taste buds. And nuts, maple syrup, and brown sugar work together to make your bowel of breakfast both hearty and sweet.


Slow Cooker Maple Pear Walnut Cake Oatmeal

<p>This one is a comforting bowl of fall all in one bowl. If you don’t have maple extract just use maple syrup as your sweetener to add that maple flavor. The maple really makes you think of the autumn leaves, the pear adds a little tart and a little …

See Slow Cooker Maple Pear Walnut Cake Oatmeal on Key Ingredient.

Happy oatmeal making!

Kathy Hester, author of The Vegan Slow Cooker

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