In 2005, a couple of foodies were searching for a way to store their favorite recipes online.  They had dogeared cookbooks and butter-smeared recipe cards.  They had memories of their mother’s Famous Chocolate Pie and their sister’s Great-in-a-Pinch Baked Chicken.  Surely there was a way to collect these cherished memories and protect them from getting lost or damaged?  Thus was born Key Ingredient, a web site where home cooks could collect their recipes, organize them into digital cookbooks, and keep them for future generations.  Do you have recipes passed down from your parents or grandparents?  How many times have you thought, “I should really write that recipe down.”  Key Ingredient aimed to be the best place for you to do just that.

Recipes are meant to be shared…

Once cooks started keeping their recipes on Key Ingredient, an amazing thing happened: they started looking at other cooks’ recipes, too.  Recipes were shared, traded, tweaked, retweaked and reposted as they moved from one cook’s household to another.  Soon enough, the cooks at Key Ingredient grew an organic community through our most basic and personal means of sharing: food.  At the Foodista’s International Food Blogger Conference, we heard Jodi from Garlic Girl say at a panel on blog publishing, “recipes are meant to be shared.”  Our thoughts exactly.  That’s our philosophy at Key Ingredient.  And we must be onto something, because after only a few years we’re already home to one million shared recipes!

How does Key Ingredient work?

First of all, it’s easy!  You can sign up for an account in about thirty seconds, then begin building your online cookbooks.  Write down your favorite recipes from magazines, your cooking heroes, your neighbors, your family … whatever!  Show off your photography skills (or lack thereof! We’re cooks not photographers, right?) and post photos of your work.  Follow other users so you can see their cookbooks and invite them to follow you so you can swap recipes.  You can also download our free RecipeGrazer iOS  & Andriod app for easy browsing of our huge recipe database.  Finally, check out our kitchen companion, The Recipe Reader, a kitchen-safe digital recipe reader that syncs with your Key Ingredient account, so you can take your favorite recipes right into the kitchen with you (without the fear of spills and dough-covered hands).

Make yourself at home!

Here at The Back Burner, our five talented bloggers open up their kitchens to you every weekday, bringing you a wide array of recipes, from cupcakes to croquettes.  You can read about each of them on our Bloggers Page.  Would you like to know more about our Key Ingredient community?  Browse through Meet the Member to see what our cooks are up to at home, and read about our chefs and bloggers in our Featured Foodies. Or if you just don’t know what you want, you can always click on “Go to Key Ingredient” in your sidebar and start browsing!

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