No Shame Layer Dip

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Happy 4th everyone! In case you need a last minute dish to bring to a bbq I have a make-shift recipe for you – layer dip. Yes, I really did say layer dip.

I’m not talking about the one with dozens of unpronounceable ingredients you can pick up at the grocery. Layered dip has a bad rap, because if you’re like me, you’ve had some hideous ones.

If you need a last minute dish now is not the time to start a pot of heirloom beans cooking with your freshly toasted and ground chili powder. It doesn’t have to be icky or have every layer crafted in an artisan way. There is a middle ground and it’s a pretty tasty place to be.

If you have a few things in your pantry you can make short work of it and have an impressive tasting dip. There are a few shortcuts to go along with a few flavor surprises. A little rum in the beans, green chilies in the sour cream, and smoked salt on the tomatoes all pitch in to create a good reputation for your dip making skills.

You need can of refried beans, a can of green chilies, a lime, some sour cream (vegan for me of course), a jar of salsa verde, an avocado, and a few heirloom tomatoes that you pick from your garden. This year I don’t have a garden, but I found a great heirloom mix at Trader Joe’s.




  1. You are so clever!!! I really wish you lived closer (I’m in Vermont)…I would probably find myself having to visit you just about mealtime….3 per day that is!!! tee hee…….

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