5 Essential Summer Cooking Tools

#5 essential summer cooking tools

Summer time calls for a few essential cooking tools to make your backyard barbecue easier. Here are a few of our picks from T-Fal and a recipe to go with them. 

The Meat Tenderizer

tenderizerThis certainly isn't your average meat tenderizer! If you're using a mallet-style tenderizer, you may be promoting cross-contamination from the raw meat as the hammering motion can quite literally splatter molecules from the raw meat across the kitchen. The T-fal tenderizer relies on a rocking motion rather than a pounding motion, reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination and general mess that can come with tenderizing.

Perfect for: Chicken-Fried Steak with Gravy

chicken fried steakChicken-fried steaks are a Southern classic, even in the heat of summer. To get that thin, even steak, it must be flattened with a meat tenderizer before dipped in all that batter and friend to perfection.

The Corn Skewers

corn skewersT-fal now has their own version of the classic two-pronged corn skewers that are crucial for mess-free corn-on-the-cob enjoyment. The real win for these skewers is that they interlock easily into a single unit, so you don't have to root around endlessly trying to find that lone misplaced skewer.

Perfect for: Grilled Corn on the Cob

grilled corn on the cobGrilling is our favorite way to enjoy corn on the cob, and this recipe is particularly mouth-watering. Loaded with creamy and tangy cotija cheese and sour cream, and with a little kick from that chili powder, you won't be able to put it down. But when you do finally put it down, your hands will still be miraculously clean as long as you use some oh-so-essential corn skewers.

The Juicer

juicerIf you don't already have a juicer in your kitchen, summer is the perfect time to get one. This T-fal juicer comes with 2 bowl sizes, each of which allows the juicer/strainer tool to nestle perfectly on top. The bottom of each bowl also has a non-slip design for stability while twisting all those citrus fruits.

Perfect for: Citrus Punch

citrus punchSummer and citrus go hand in hand, and this citrus punch is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot afternoon. While you could buy the orange juice, grapefruit juice, and lemonade from a store, this recipe is even better when using freshly squeezed citrus. And if you're in need of a delicious alcoholic version, just replace the ginger ale with some champagne!

The Baster

basterBasting is the perfect way to keep meats juicy and coated with flavor, and with a basting brush attachment, this baster is easy to use when grilling. Not only that, but it also comes with its own cleaning tool to help get all the way inside the baster for thorough cleaning between uses.

Perfect for: Raspberry Balsamic Basting Sauce

raspberry balsamic basting sauceThis basting sauce can be used for chicken wings as pictured, or for any number of fried, grilled, or roasted meats. It also makes a nice salad dressing for any summer salads. You might even like it with that chicken fried steak recipe above in place of the usual gravy!

The Salad Tongs

salad tongsThese salad tongs are sturdy and can be interlocked at the based for use as tongs or conveniently storing. Plus, unlike wooden salad tongs, they're dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime warranty.

Perfect for: Summer Salad with Lemon Thyme Chicken

summer salad with lemon thyme chickenNot only are these salad tongs perfect for serving this salad, but they can also be used to flip your chicken breasts when preparing the lemon thyme chicken ahead of time. This salad is one of our favorites for summer, with bright citrus flavor, tangy goat cheese, nutty sunflower seeds, and fresh peach and avocado.


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