10 Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayMarch is here again and for those who love to celebrate the American version of St. Patrick's Day, that means it's time to dig out that green clothing, stock up on Guinness, and start planning your St. Patrick's Day feast! Whether you're a die-hard traditionalist or merely an appreciator of all things Irish(ish), this list will help you line your stomach and participate in the more, eh, indulgent aspects of the holiday. 

Crock Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayFirst things's first: corned beef. We know this one's not strictly traditional to St. Paddy's Day in Ireland, but it certainly is a must for the American-Irish holiday. And you're going to need this hearty mix of meat and vegetables to keep you going all day long. The best part is, you can just throw this in the slow cooker! A pressure cooker also works if you can't wait all day.

Corned Beef Hash with Poached Eggs 

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayUsing corned beef, potatoes, and poached eggs, this hearty hash is an amazing way to start off St. Paddy's Day, or to transform those corned beef leftovers into a next-morning hangover cure. Frankly, this dish would be a great pick-me-up no matter what ails you.

David Venable's Bangers & Mash

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayAnother fool-proof way to line your stomach, this much-loved dish never fails to satisfy. Just make sure you're not using English sausage; that would be sacrilege.

Guinness Beef Shepherd’s Pie

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayWhat's more Irish than taking Guinness and shepherd's pie and bringing them together in (un-)holy union? The result is a particularly rich shepherd's pie that will fuel you long into the night.

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayFor those struggling to find ways to celebrate Ireland without eating meat, this vegetarian shepherd's pie is the perfect alternative. Chock full of lentils, carrots, celery, and of course potatoes, this dish is nearly as hearty as its beefy counterpart.

Moms Irish Soda Bread

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayOf course, we couldn't have St. Patrick's Day without soda bread. The beauty of soda bread is that it's dead easy, yet so flavorful. Serve alongside your meat and veggies or use it for your morning toast. There really is no wrong way to do soda bread. And if you're strapped for time, just toss it in a bread maker.

Chocolate Stout Cake with Baileys Irish Cream Cheese Frosting

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayUsing two of Ireland's most popular exports to America, stout beer (ahem, Guinness) and Bailey's, to make a rich cake with buttercream icing, you can't go wrong. The beer will add an interesting dark roasted barley flavor, characteristic of the day's most popular beverage.

Irish Apple Crumble Cake

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayApple cakes abound during the apple harvest throughout Ireland, and St. Patrick himself is said to have planted apple trees that still stand. While it may not be late autumn, we're sure you can find a few apples to make this moist cake with a delicious crumble topping. 

Bailey's Irish Cream Mini-Cheesecakes

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayBailey's again? Why not! If cakes of the stout or apple varieties aren't your thing, go with these uber-rich mini cheesecakes with Oreo crust and chocolate ganache.

Homemade Irish Cream

#10 irish recipes for st. patrick's dayLooking to go full DIY this St. Patrick's Day? This recipe for homemade Irish cream is absurdly easy and makes for a silky smooth alternative to Bailey's. It's perfect in your morning coffee, your evening whiskey, or all on its own. Sláinte!

What's your favorite St. Patrick's Day recipe? Let us know in the comments, and have a very Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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