5 Perfect Lunch Containers for Back to School

back to school lunch containers

Back to school season is approaching and whether you're a mom packing lunch for your kid or a college student with a busy class schedule, now's a great time to look for the perfect container to make packing a lunch easy and painless. Nowadays there are plenty of options to help you pack everything from sandwiches to soups to salads so you are never tied to the same boring options day in and day out. Below are a few of our favorite Amazon finds that can help you master the packed lunch.

Smart Portables Bento Lunch Box

smart portables bentoLet's start with one of the simplest options. This bento-style tupperware container has multiple compartments to help keep your portions separate. The lid locks on and creates a secure seal so you can feel confident your lunch stays where you want it.

Bentgo Eco-Friendly Lunch Container

Bentgo Lunch ContainerThis option offers more compartments that stack together to really help you diversify your lunches for a balanced meal. It also comes with a reusable fork that slots into the interlocking lid. The small container in the center comes with its own leak-proof lid which is perfect for sauces and salad dressings.

Zell Lunch Boxes

Zell Lunch BoxesThis option uses a similar stacking design with a single locking leak-proof lid that keeps all contents inside no matter what you manage to do to it. This particular item also comes in a set of 2, which is particularly nice if you're a mom packing for kids.

ECOlunchbox Stainless Steel Stacking Containers

ECOlunchboxThis container also utilizes a stacking design though its stainless steel construction is particularly sturdy and durable. This option is excellent for anyone interested in a dishwasher-safe and non-plastic container or in need of something that can stand up to abuse.

Chefcoo Lunch Box Vacuum Container

Chefcoo Lunch BoxIf you're looking for an option that will hold even soups or beverages, this is the best option on the list. It also helps keep your lunch warm or cold as needed, perfect when camping or traveling.

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