13 Recipes to Make Us Melt on National Cheese Day!

#13 recipes to make us melt on national cheese day!

There are a lot of silly holidays that never make it onto most of our calendars, but this isn’t one of them: it’s National Cheese Day! And it is to be celebrated with gusto by all.

While we’re of the mind that many, if not most, dishes can be improved with some assistance from one of the hundreds of types of cheeses out there, we’ve put together a short list of the cheesiest dishes of them all.

These are our favorite foods in which cheese is the star, and we’ve provided plenty of recipes to help you make the most of of this glorious day. Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

1. Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese
No matter how grown up we get, the pleasure of pulling your sandwich apart to make gooey cheese strings stretch as far as your arm never diminishes. Some like to fancy up their sandwiches with apples and spices, others with caremlized onions, or you could make it for breakfast with eggs and bacon. We like ours simple, with cheddar and shallot

2. Mac n’ Cheese

Mac n CheeseAnother childhood favorite, the simplicity of this classic comfort food makes it a go-to for when you just need a big bowl of cheesy goodness. You’re an adult now—go ahead and make a pizza out of it if you want to.

3. Queso

Queso FundidoWhile the sharable cheese dip phenomenon may have begun with fondue, we live in Austin, Texas, where queso is king. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

4. Cheese Soup

Cheese SoupA deli classic, cheese soups have long been a lunchtime favorite sandwich accompaniment, warming the hearts and souls of many a cheese lover. Great for dinner as well.

5. Cheesecake

CheesecakeWhile we’re partial to any cake with cream cheese frosting, for us cheesecake takes the...well, the cake.

6. Fried Cheese

Mozzarella SticksIt comes in various shapes and sizes, but the almighty Mozzarella stick will forever be our favorite. However, these cheese sticks with smoked mozz, Emmental and ham are great too for a little variety.

7.  Au Gratin

Potatoes au GratinBecause gratin is more of a technique than a recipe, it represents a world of possibilities of what can be topped with cheese, butter, and breadcrumbs, then baked. Potatoes are a favorite, but cauliflower is great too.

8. Baked Brie

Baked BrieBrie’s sturdy rind and soft interior make it ideal for baking, slicing open, and serving with crackers to dip in its gooey insides. Its mild flavor pairs well with sweet jams and compotes, or savory mushrooms, herbs, and balsamic vinegar. 

9. Cheese Ball

Cheese BallAnother great party snack, it’s the culinary ideal of the adage “give the people what they want.” Try this one with smoked salmon for a touch of class. 

10. Cheese Omelette

OmeletteOr, omelette du fromáge, as it’s called in its home country. Rubbed with a pat of good butter and sprinkled with fresh tarragon, a cheese omelette is unbeatable in the breakfast realm. Or try this one with apples, cheese, honey, and basil.  

11. Poutine

PoutineOne of Canada’s best exports, poutine is a unique diner dish made with cheese curds, french fries, and a brown gravy. There’s lots of variations, but they all involve those squeaky little curds. Pair with beer, and lots of it.  

12. Pizza

PizzaNeopolitan devotees obsessed with crust will turn in their grave, but we’re all about the cheese. Try this four cheese white pizza, or if you want something less highbrow, these cheesy garlic bread sticks make a great nosh for watching the game. 

13. Cheese Board

Cheese BoardPerhaps the purest celebration of cheese we know of. Balance is the key to a good cheese board, so be sure to include some salty and sweet elements as well, such as olives, nuts, fruit, honey, and jam. And one mustn’t forget good bread and butter.

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