9 Delicious Ways To Upgrade Your Hot Chocolate

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When the days are short and the nights are cold, it's the perfect time to indulge in some absolutely delicious hot chocolate. Whether you're cozying up to the fire on a snow day or just need something sweet after a long day of work, this rich chocolatey drink is the perfect comforting drink. And if you're bored of regular old hot chocolate, or you're just thirsy for a way to kick it up a notch, there's plenty of ways you can upgrade your mugful, just check out these awesome recipes, with everything from peppermint to hazelnut, Frangelico to red wine, and lots more besides!

Peppermint Cocoa with Vanilla Vodka

peppermint hot chocolateFirst up, a recipe from Momstart that combines flavors of peppermint, chocolate, and vanilla in a boozy hot chocolate that's perfect for cold winter evenings. If you're a fan of mint chocolate (and over 21), then you have to try this awesome recipe, and share it with guests at your next winter get-together.

Hazelnut White Hot Chocolate

hazelnut white hot chocolateIf you're a fan of white chocolate, you're going to love this version with hazelnut liqueur and fresh-grated nutmeg! This is the second boozy hot chocolate recipe we've got on this list, but it's not the last! This simple boozy mugful is for those looking for something sweet, spiced, and a little nutty.

Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

coconut hot chocolateDoesn't this just look irresistible?! And it tastes as good as it looks, with sweet coconut milk and other coconutty flavors blending deliciously with dark chocolate. This recipe makes about 8 mugs' worth, and can be made easily in the crockpot, so it's perfect for sharing with a crowd.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

kahlua hot chocolateLove coffee? Us too! That's why we had to put this Kahlua-spiked hot chocolate recipe on this list! If you like your cafe mochas with more chocolate than coffee, this is certainly the drink for you. Added cinnamon and nutmeg lend a little subtle spice to this delicious drink as well.

Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate

pumpkin spice hot chocolateSpeaking of spice, this pumpkin spice white hot chocolate is an absolute winner in our book. Made with real pumpkin puree and plenty of the classic pumpkin spices, this twist is for those craving the taste of pumpkin pie without all the work! Or for those who just hate saying goodbye to Fall flavors.

Aztec Hot Chocolate

aztec hot chocolateThis special recipe may not be what you expect from your typical hot chocolate, but if you like your coffee black, then this might just be the perfect recipe for you! This recipe is modelled after the way the Aztecs drank their chocolate—with no added sugar, and a slight bitterness and cayenne spice that children aren't likely to enjoy, but adults might just find too good to resist.

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

red velvet hot chocolateThis sweet red velvet hot chocolate is made with cream cheese and topped with candy cane pieces, making it perfect for a winter dessert, and especially perfect for Valentine's Day. You're sure to impress whoever you choose to share this rich, sweet, red drink with.

Adult Hot Chocolate with Red Wine

red wine hot chocolateEver tried putting a dash of red wine in your hot chocolate? You know how well red wine and chocolate pair with one another, so it should come as no surprise that this wine-spiked hot chocolate is delicious & complex. It's perfect for your next get-together with friends.

Bacon, Bourbon, & Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

bacon bourbon hot chocolateUndoubtedly the most out-there item on this list, this hot chocolate recipe is something you've never seen before. Made with pieces of freshly cooked bacon and toasted hazelnuts, and spiked with buerbon and Frangelico, this boozy hot chocolate is certainly not for the unadventurous or faint of heart. If you're feeling bold, you owe it to yourself to try this one out.


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