10 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers in 2017

gifts for wine lovers

So you've got a wine-lover in your life and you're looking to get them the perfect gift, but aren't sure what your options are? Luckily for you, the art of wine is ages old and there are plenty of tools and accessories to get a wine-lover to help enhance their wining experiences. We're here to help you sort through those options with this list of what to get and what to forget in 2017.

What to Forget

First off, let's go over a few things not to get:

  1. A wine key or wine opener: This is the quick and obvious go-to, but we guarantee your wine-loving friend already has one. Or two. Or five.
  2. A comically large wine glass: You know your friends better than we do, so this isn't a hard-and-fast rule, but in general, kitschy gag gifts like this are more likely to collect dust in a true wine-lover's cabinet than be used an appreciated over time. The same can be said for those "How was my day?" wine glasses or "If you can read this bring me wine" socks.
  3. Wine-themed decor: Again, you know your friends best, but be warned that loving wine is not the same thing as loving wine-themed decor. Some people prefer wine in their glasses, not on their walls. If you'd still like to give them a way to display their love of wine, we recommend it be something they can help create as they drink

What to Get

Now, what you really came here for—the things to get:

1. A beautiful decanter

decanterA wine decanter helps aerate wine, revealing more of its flavors. Aside from that, they also make everyone using it feel super fancy, which is a win in itself. While you may want to ask your giftee if they already have a decanter, there are some occasions for which more than one decanter could be useful. Plus, this one comes with handy cleaning beans to makes cleaning less tedious. There are also many similar decanters without the cleaning beads if you'd like to shave off a few dollars.

2. An iceless wine cooler

wine coolerIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a wine-lover is in want of a way to cool their wines away from the fridge. This one has some kind of secret magic that allows it to cool without ice, and it works like a dream.

3. A nice wine rack

wine rackMost wine-lovers can't have their own wine celler, but there are still lovely ways to store and display wine bottles. This nice counter-top rack holds 8 bottles, although you can also find larger wine racks that stand on their own and hold even more bottles. If you're going to buy a wine-related decor item, this is a great option.

4. A fancy accessories set

wine setWhile we don't recommend getting your giftee a wine-key, there are plenty of accessories to choose from that they may not already have. This set has an aerating pour nozzle, a wine thermometer, a drip-stopping ring, a foil cutter, and a few other bits and bobs. If this set is a bit too much, there are plenty of smaller wine sets that would serve most wine lovers just fine.

5. A handy wine tote

wine toteWine isn't exactly the easiest beverage to drink on the go, which is a shame for those die-hard wine fans in your life. This wine tote solves that problem, making wine transport, dispensing, and away-from-home enjoyment a breeze. Plus, we can virtually guarantee you your giftee doesn't already have one.

6. Vacuum wine stoppers

wine stoppersThis is a simple staple if you don't want to spend a lot of money on your gift. This accessory makes it much easier to store wine for later without worrying about the wine spilling or going bad and without having to shove the cork back in unceremoniously. These vacuum wine stoppers are simple to use, and they're also great for preserving any liquid in a bottle with a standard neck—that's everything from sodas to beer to sparkling water.




7. An educational book on wine

wine follyIf your giftee is always looking to learn more about the things they love, this little tome is the perfect gift for them. It's full of beautifully-presented information about wine tasting, pairing, and serving, as well as a breakdown of different wine styles, regions, and a lot more besides. With 240 pages, your wine-loving friend is sure to learn something—and in the downtime, it's a great coffee table book for their curious guests to peruse.

8. Shatterproof wine glasses

wine glassesShow us a wine-lover who's never broken a wine glass and we'll show you a liar. Wine glasses are notoriously fragile, and often the first thing to break, whether it's from moving or just an everyday accident. Luckily, there are plenty of shatterproof wine glasses, many of which are nearly indistinguishable from their glass counterparts. They're also perfect for enjoying wine by the water, or on the go.

9. A wine journal

wine journalNot every wine fiend wants a little black book to write down every detail of their wine affairs, but if your giftee is absolutely obsessed with all things wine, this is the next logical step. This journal is nicely laid out to help log all the relevant details of every glass of wine your friend enjoys, and is sure to help them take their wine game to the next level. We only recommend this if you can bear them talking to you about wine more than they already do. ;)

10. Wine (duh)

wineYou already knew this one, but it would be stupid to leave it off the list. At the end of the day, your giftee loves wine, and all the peripherals are just the side show to the main attraction. So get them a wine they love, or a few wines they may never have tried. We love this pack from Naked Winery.

So, how much do you love wine? Let us know in the comments what your favorite kind of wine is and whether you'd put anything else on this list. In the meantime, happy drinking!

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